Best Living Room Décor Ideas To Spruce Things Up

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The living room is, without a doubt, one of the essential rooms in your house. It’s where your family accumulates at night, where you unwind on a Saturday afternoon, and where your visitors’ eyes first rest when they enter your home. It’s natural to want this space to look and feel its most refined. However, while designing a living room is always an exciting process, it can rapidly become a severe financial black hole if you don’t prioritize and maximize what you already have.

If your living room is feeling uninspired or rancid but doesn’t inevitably warrant a complete revamp, there are plenty of simple ways to transform your space without investing too much money or time; it can be as basic as moving some furniture around or adding a mat.

Please continue reading to learn about our favourite living room design ideas.

Decorate Your Coffee Table

Is your living room design nearly complete but missing a final touch? Decorate your coffee table with novels, vases, décor, and bouquets to give it a Pinterest-worthy appearance. Experiment with magnitude (varying tall and short objects works well). To replenish your coffee table, couple related things together, switch out seasonal décor or mix up the textures of your decorative items.

Include an antique. 

Sometimes all it takes is one antique to add a little personality to a contemporary living room. You can also design your drawers (if you have a table in your living area) with crystal drawer knobs to add a more elegant feel. Mixing different style genres is also a fantastic way to personalize your living room while avoiding the feeling of living in a staged home.

Include some fresh greenery. 

A little greenery will always make the space feel more put together. Whether you only have the room (or the green thumb) for a small faux houseplant, or you have the time and effort to invest in species like a fiddle-leaf fig, introducing a plant or two can offer your living room that amazing finishing touch. It’s also a good idea to follow Feng Shui design guidelines by selecting and styling a plant that promotes balance and good fortune.

Wallpaper can transform a room. 

Wallpaper is making a comeback, and for a good reason. With so many choices, finding the perfect print for your home is a simple matter of searching. When styling wallpaper, keep in mind that not every wall needs to be covered: Choose one elegant feel to stand out, and if you’re not able to commit, go with detachable peel-and-stick brands (or when decorating a rental).

Create your architecture. 

While hiring a builder to create unique furniture for your living room can be costly, DIY pieces are a less expensive option. You can use this option to design your specific architecture: Create a setup that complements your space for a smooth flow. Built-in bench seating is ideally placed along the wall in this design to add more than enough room for diverting without taking up much floor space. Other than that, you can buy furniture legs to add a more vintage feel to your living room.

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